Sunday, September 14, 2008

Trek Ten Trails

On Saturday Sept 13th, 2008 we did the final leg of the TTT, at Auburndales TECO Trail..veru Nice Trail we walked it , however half way through the walk we decided to turn around and let the Men go find the Cache..We headed back to the Fun and Festivities at the begining of the Trail. there was a lot of free stuff, TJ got a new bike Helmet.and I got a bunch of Pens...There was a prize give away at the end . there were some very nice prizes..Two walking sticks and two New Garmins...well we did 'nt win anything..but our Fellow Cachers won Both Walking sticks with the Medalions...
the weather was great ( a tad to hot).The Next TTT will begin Nov 1st and we can;t wait...
this is a great way to get off the couch and get some fresh air!
Next up for us is the 4th Anual Florida Finders Fest in Osceola State forrest

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Earl Of Egmont!?

The last week Before school started we decided to head down South to Fort Desoto, it was almost a 2 hour drive , we all survived it.
we decided to take the Ferry Boat over the Egmont Key, a little tiny once Inhabited Island, and home of Ft Dade and its ruins and the Egmont key Lighthouse ( i love lighthouses and the history behind them).Well before we set off for our trip i went to to find some caching around the area, there were alot in the Fort Dade area so we printed them . I also Discovered that there were two Caches on Egmont Key FABULOUS!
so we packed some H20 and some snacks , Towels for the beach and sunscreen.and off we went...
Once we got there the ferry boat was leaving approx 20 minutes so we had no time to do the ones around Fort Desoto. in to the Ferry Ride we went what a great ride , the water was alittle choppy but best of all was the HUGE Tarpon Jumpin up out of the water next the boat ! it was awesome!.
once on egmont key we set out to visit Ft Dade which unfrotunatly is mostly Shambles now due to weather and some Vandalism..shame shame!..but never the less we enjoyed it , after the walk thru the Ft we headed down the path that not many took ( i think we were the only ones on the path that day) it was sooo very hot that day , but we were determind to get the two caches...Marc found the first one in the BUSH..

after that we headed back down the path to the other Cache which took us around in circles..we eventually found it and then we decided to explore the rest of the island..It was awesome From the Old Cobblestone streets, to the old picutes set out in front of what uses to be a building .
I love this place and plan on another trip there soon...

Friday, August 1, 2008


We had to go back and pick up the last stamp for the Trek ten Trails which ends in Sept, we had already visited Cooked Lake once , but we ( ME it was ME) for got take our books to get the stamp , so we went out two weeks ago and My Hubby went in on his bike thinking it would be easier ( more on that later)
well the other day he took his socks off and there they were, big red welts on his ankles just like the ones he got before going rootin in the woods...Yeah thats right he got Poison Ivy or Oak Will he EVER learn?
about riding his bike it was not easier , faster maybe, but just as out of breath as if he had done a 10 mile hike!
but on to bigger and better things and Hoepfully no more Poison anything!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

its Been a while

But its Summer here in the Great State of Florida and that can only mean one thing ,
so we have'nt been doing to much Kaching...
This weekend however WE had to get one more Kache For the Trek Ten Trails , it was our last ( well we have to go back and get one stamp that we for got).And it was HOT out side...
we went to Saddle Creek In Lakeland, it was 2 mile round trip we of course went with our kaching Buddies 4 luv to Fish.
The area was very pretty, but i think i would of enjoyed it more if it was cooler..
as always the kids loved finding the "trinkets"...I took some pics and ill post them later...

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Yesterday was a nice windy day here in Central Florida,we started the day off with a Soccer Game with 9:45 am kick off. The Kids did great!
then we decided to pick up a few of the many Caches in the Beautiful Town and County Seat of Polk Bartow.
All the Older homes, very well maintained and Just beautiful.
We strolled through the old cemetary where most of the Name sake of the Streets surrounding Bartow you will find who they were named after...Which i find interesting!
there is so much history, here.
we picked up 6 Caches total we looked for a total of 8 but two were DNF.
there was a Car show going on in town there were alot of attendies!
all in all it was a great CACHE!day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last weekend we decided to head out to Avon Park/ Seebring area to do some Caches.
We had some Incliment weather coming in but it would not stop us..
we thought......
we ended up with only 6 caches but 6 more then we had...
Seebring is a really nice area which we did'nt get to this time around , but we have made it our mission to get down that way again as there are bountiful Caches down there...

Saturday, February 16, 2008


We caught up to our caching buddies..they have 127 and we have 129!...
After BBall today we took off and did some caching locally, some intersting finds to say the least, as always i am amazed at things that we see on our adventures.

Some where out in the middle of Polk County ( lake marion to be exact) is the "hunting' grounds of A Old Indian..cant remember his name but he was the Nephew of Osceola..when all the indians where leaving Polk county he said no way and stayed First in Lake Hamilton then later he made his home Near this Marker off 544 in Polk county close to Lake Marion..
we found a few more throught the day.
we FINALLY got to take the JEEP out today , as it was a AWESOME day! Thanks to to The man up stairs..GOD BLESS! and happy trails

Saturday, February 9, 2008


We finally got back into the sport of things...Today we headed out to Lake wales area after TJs BB game ..Most of the ones we got today were just park and grab micros none the less still cache's..
We Ended up doing SUMICA today instead of Tomorrow which is when the Trek Ten Trails is.
we headed into Sumica Sun was behind the light clouds ,we walked in approx. .25 miles and found our first one...onto the next one .. and then to the final one in Sumica, TJ and i stayed at the Cabana rest area while Marc forged onto the last Cache in Sumica
Marc Quickly Retrieved it and headed back to us at the Cabana...
we were on our way out and the HEAVENs opened up and it began to rain. thank GOD that the trail was pretty well packed so no muddy shoes for us.
all in all we got 12 Caches today. Catching up to our Buddies only 7 more...
Maybe we will opt for a early cache event in the AM...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Stay Tuned!

We have'nt been out and about lately , the wee one came down with the Flu last weekend so we were a no go for the weekend...but stay tuned , we are going to get back in to the Swing of things this weekend..Hopefully we can sneak up on our Caching buddies because they are in Daytona for the RACE..LALAOSLLSALHAHAHAHAHAH!..
Any way we are headed down to SUMICA in Lake Wales area for the next instalment of the Trek Ten Trails..However we are doing it on Saturday ,because we have Family coming in for a visit on Sunday..I won't beable to post to many Pics as My Nikon is acting weird...I did however get a nice new Birthday Prezzie from The Hubby and the wee one a Canon Power Shot sx 100..WHOPOOO AAAAHHHHH.. its on its way...
wish us happy trails ...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Kaching " Up

We have'nt been out doing to much Caching lately , with the Holidays and Looking intensley for a Geo Jeep we just did'nt have time.
Last weekend , we decided to put Looking for a Jeep on hold and Go out and To some "kaching up " to our Faithfull Caching buddies .
They were at 103 and we were at 80.
we thought we would be sneaky and get out early sunday morning and try catching up to them , maybe even to surpass them..they had no idea we were out caching and we had no idea if they had been out.
We Downloaded from "cache along a route" and we were off!...
We went to a couple walmarts, grabbed some quick ones and some Cracker Barrels . then a few stops here and there Our 100 Find was found by our Little Guy TJ , we looked all over and he just spotted in right away .

So we had about 4 more to find to catch up , Done with out a problem .
So our hunt for the day was over , we thought for sure we have beat them.
So when we got home My dear Hubby called His buddy to find out what they had been up to today and hopefully do some Rubbing in .. NOPE the Animals had been out too and got 10 !~!! so they are now at 113 and we are at 105 so now its up to use to go out and get some more ....
but it was fun!